SoriaSoria is a very active capital thanks to the tourism industry. It has kept its historic, medieval character and every bit of the city gives off a kind of magic. This magic has drawn travellers throughout time. Its history began with the Romans, however, in the hill where the castle now rests remains of an older settlement have been found. This settlement was surely tied to the existence of the Celtiberian town of Numantia.


NavalenoNavaleno, a town in the County of Pinares, is located on the national highway N-234, 48.7 kilometres from Soria. Its economy is mainly based around the timber industry.

It has one of the principal fungus habitats and its Mycological Centre houses a permanent exhibition about the world of mushrooms.


CovaledaCovaleda is located in a spectacular area of pines and immersed in breathtaking natural surroundings in the heart of the Sierra de Urbión, these mountains have impressive mountain landscapes with glacial lakes and impressive gorges.

The panoramic views from any point of the woods around Covaleda are breathtaking as before your eyes you will see on of the most significant populations of native pine in all of Europe.


VinuesaVinuesa, is located in the eastern section of the County of Pinares at the foot of the Urbión peaks and the Sierra de la Cebollera. At 1,107 metres above sea level in the northeastern part of the province of Soria, it is only 35 kilometres from the capital. The Urbión and Cebollera Sierras shelter iit on the north. Here you can find the Black Lagoon. This lagoon was written about by Antonio Machado in his novel Los hijos de Alvargonzález. The mountain range’s impressive landscape and the glacial lake make it one of the most attractive tourist locations in the centre of the Iberian peninsula.

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